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Waldo Intelligence Briefing Questionnaire

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The following information will not be duplicated or distributed to any person or company other than Waldo.

The purpose of this report is to assist me in customizing your keynote presentation, and subsequently maximize the lessons learned for those attending your meeting. The specific information from your organization will allow me to gain a deeper understanding of your corporate culture and operations. You may ignore specific questions that do not apply to your organization’s particular business model.

Please be as detailed as possible, and feel free to add any additional information or issues you feel are relevant. In addition to this data, if there is any information that would add value to the presentation (business articles, press releases, newsletters, etc.), then please email, fax, or mail them to me as well. When complete, please e-mail me this filled in document at least 2 weeks prior to our event. If necessary, we will discuss the information via a conference call.

For Booking: Please contact the agent who connected you with Waldo's site.

Waldo, you were an awesome addition to the 2004 Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) Annual Conference & Vendor Fair. In addition to giving you extremely high ratings, the attendees were yelling "Push it up" throughout the conference! You really added fun, excitement and a sense of unity to our show, and I am really happy to have worked with you.

Kimberly Haschalk, Program Coordinator — ASUG Headquarters
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For Booking: Please contact the agent who connected you with Waldo's site.

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